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Behind Our Science

HCS is a proud sponsor of the Behind Our Science Podcasts.

This podcast promotes novel scientific research communication in an easily digestible and fun environment to all audiences. Check out recent episodes here.

Episode 16 Mentoring and Science Sustainability
Episode 15 Celebrations
Episode 11 SELF-ESTEAM and Art in Science
Episode 10 Capitol Hill Day and Last Experimental Biology
Episode 9 Women in Pathology Month with the Engevik Sisters
Episode 8 Celebrating Black History Month
Episode 7 Happy Holidays!  Favorite Christmas Thing in the Lab
Episode 6  LIVE Hispanic/ Latin Heritage Month
Episode 5 A Day in the Life: featuring Dr. Paul Monga and Abe Bayer, MD/PhD Candidate
Episode 4  Goodbye to the COVID Blues, Hello to Mental Health
Episode 3

Women in Pathology: This episode features interviews with incredible #womeninstem including Dr. Aditi Bagchi from St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and Emily Essex, managing editor of The American Journal of Pathology and also share lots of great advice from amazing #womeninstem to aspiring scientists!

Episode 2 This episode features an interview with Dr. Garcia, a leader in the field of virology who shares his career journey, research accomplishments, tips for aspiring PIs and his latest nature paper on a novel treatment for COVID-19!
Episode 1

Meet the team – Vaccine Talk – Fun Facts!

Member Recommended!

The Drive #177 hosted by Peter Attia

This is an extensive interview with Dr. Steven Rosenberg, long time Chief of Surgery for NCI, on the role of the immune system in cancer and the history of immunotherapy.

Documentary: Fauci

This is a National Geographic documentary on Dr. Anthony Fauci, long time director of NIAID and advisor to the President. This is an interesting view of Dr. Fauci that began filming prior to the COVID-19 pandemic and was intended to be about the AIDS epidemic. As the COVID-19 pandemic hit, it expanded to include the efforts to fight that disease. It ends up painting some interesting comparisons and contrasts between the AIDS and COVID-19 responses.

How to Fix the Incentives in Cancer Research,by Stephen J. Dubner, shared with HCS by Paul Goodwin, HCS Past President

Mapping Tissues and Tumors,  Paul Goodwin, Cytiva, Science Director, and HCS Past-President,  posted 12/2020.